Privacy Policy

Updated: November 23rd 2020

I take the tūmataitinga (privacy) of my clients and visitors seriously. This Privacy Policy outlines what information I collect, and what I do with it.

What data I collect and why

When you visit this website, your request is handled through Cloudflare - a DDOS protection, firewall and proxy service. Cloudflare will be able to see your IP address, and other information that isn't personally identifiable. Please consult Cloudflare's Privacy Policy for further information, as this is out of my control.
I make use of Google Analytics, to give me an insight into what visitors to my website engage with. Please consult Google's Privacy Policy for further information.
I also make use of Firebase's Realtime Database, to quickly serve dynamic content on pages such as #ClubPenguin15. Please consult Google's Privacy Policy for further information.

Who I share your data with

Data collected on services that I own is shared with no-one. However, data collected by services such as Cloudflare may be shared. Consult their Privacy Policy for more information.

How long I retain your data, and your rights

I keep all data collected indefinitely. This is due to the nature of my systems. You can request to recieve a copy of your data, however this does not remove it from my systems.

How to contact me

You can email me at [email protected], or you can contact me on Twitter, @altodiscord.